Full Body Massage

I have been offering holistic massage since 1999.

I believe that massage facilitates our connection with self, releases, aids relaxation, and offers healing as old stories stored by the body have an opportunity to be seen.

My work incorporates all my training, and as such has elements of Thai Yoga massage in it with some very gentle stretches, and can include work on the head, face, and reflexology on the feet if wanted. Many treatments miss out the abdomen which I will include with permission. 

Our only limitations are time, for which reason you can come for  60/90/120 minutes. The longer you have the deeper the impact. 

A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement.


1 Hour Full Body Massage                   £45

1 Hour Indian Head Massage              £45

1 1/2 hours of any treatment               £65

Two hours of any treatment                £80

Treatment length can be extended, and treatments are often mixed and matched eg 45 minutes body massage, 20 minutes head massage and 25 minutes reflexology (total 1 1\2 hours pro rata).

To book a session, please contact me using the details below.

"Vibha,s experience and range of skills allow her to work with great flexibility and intuition. I have felt totally safe and this trust has come through in the amazing depths we have reached together through the massage and reflexology treatments. What you are offering is very special- thanks from the bottom of my heart!" DZ


Contact Me 

07988 869 862



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