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Holistic Massage

Touch is fundamental to being human. It affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. The need for touch is not lessened as we get older and without it we can become tight and tense. Massage is as old as humanity and is a way of providing touch in a structured manner to aid fitness and health and wellbeing.


Holistic Massage developed during the twentieth century, drawing on many older techniques and emphasising the need of the whole being for touch to release tension and encourage full health.


I have been offering Holistic Massage since 1999. I believe it can do more than simply release tension, aid relaxation, and restore joint movement: it can also facilitate connection with our sense of self, offering healing as old stories stored within the body have an opportunity to be seen.

My approach to massage incorporates all my training, combining Holistic Massage with elements of Thai Yoga Massage and Indian Head Massage. I am also trained in using massage techniques for the abdomen, which can help to alleviate tension in the organs, and can complement this with reflexology treatment of the feet or hands. 

I give attention to the whole being and work gently, with sensitivity and awareness.

We will always discuss your needs and the appropriate way forward for you before commencing any session.

To book a session, please contact me

"Vibha,s experience and range of skills allow her to work with great flexibility and intuition. I have felt totally safe and this trust has come through in the amazing depths we have reached together through the massage and reflexology treatments. What you are offering is very special- thanks from the bottom of my heart!" DZ

Back Massage

Indicative prices:

1 Hour treatment £45

90 minute treatment £65

2 hour treatment £80

Please consider both your own and my wellbeing with regards to exposure to or symptoms of the Covid virus. I will prepare the space and myself appropriately. I will wear a mask. Please supply your own mask if you wish to wear one. 

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