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Baby Massage

Regular touch is a natural and healthy way of bonding and developing communication with your baby.


Baby Massage is a way of connecting that is known to be safe and gentle. This healthy touch between parent and baby is enjoyable for both, strengthens physical and emotional bonds, and promotes positive family development.


Further benefits of baby massage can include...​

  • help with sleeping

  • reduced colic

  • improved circulation

  • nourishing the skin

  • releasing and relaxing muscles

  • a regular opportunity to 'air' the skin, especially bottoms

  • the development of pre-term babies

  • calming and relaxing both giver and baby

Sessions are designed to show parents and carers how to massage their baby safely and gently. You may already be massaging your baby and wish to gain new techniques or structure. Oils (when in person) and massage-routine reminder provided.

To book a session, please contact me

"He slept for six solid hours after the massage, both of us soooo relaxed"  

Carla and Baby K, 11 weeks (Lewes)



1:1 session up to 1 hour, (including feeding and snoozes) £25 at my place or on Zoom 


Groups of upto four carers with babies for 1 hour. £20 each, currently on Zoom 

4 week course for groups of friends. 1 hour per week, minimum 4 people, plus babies. On Zoom £60 each

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