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Fertility and pregnancy reflexology

As a reflexologist and birth doula, I am committed to supporting the wellbeing of parents and birthing. I work with preconception preparation, fertility issues, accompanying women through pregnancy, during birth and postnatally.

I have specialist reflexology training for conception/fertility and pregnancy.

I deliver safe, holistic and powerful treatments that encourage wellbeing during pregnancy. These include preparations for labour, particularly in the last six weeks of pregnancy, breech presentation and readying for labour for post-due date babies (with the consent of obstetric caregivers if needed).

I have experience of supporting women considering/facing inductions and other interventions, or who have had miscarriages, stillbirths, terminations, traumatic births or a history of abuse. I have worked with a diverse range of people and circumstances and will soon be supporting a family for the third time!


Getting ready to conceive, taking extra care of physical, emotional and mental health can only benefit those embarking on the journey of having a baby. Reflexology can contribute to the wellbeing of intending parents, with the opportunity to receive treatments with an experienced doula.


Conceiving a baby can be straightforward; at other times, it may be more challenging than expected. Reflexology is a wonderful way of supporting the conception journey for both men and women, sometimes in tandem with other alternative therapies (such as acupuncture and homeopathy) and/or IVF programmes.

Reflexology is relaxing and improves wellbeing. ​Whether trying to conceive naturally or undergoing clinically-assisted fertility protocols (such as IUI, IVF or ICSI), the deep relaxation offered by reflexology releases both muscular and nervous tensions, which optimises hormonal and circulatory systems. Discomforts due to side effects from drugs might lessen, alongside anxieties that can affect the quality of sleep and the libido. 


Testimonials abound regarding the usefulness of reflexology for fertility issues in both males and females, and for problems in pregnancy.


Babies in the womb are known to benefit from the calmness of their mother. Reflexology with me offers a space to slow down, rest and soften. With anxieties that many of us experience as well as discomforts, reflexology seems to have a positive impact on the pregnant person, which can benefit all the family. Morning sickness is often alleviated to some extent after reflexology. Recent experience has shown help with Obstetric Cholestasis. Research shows that receiving regular reflexology throughout pregnancy can have positive impacts on labour.


There are several scientific studies concluding that reflexology is helpful in reducing pain, easing anxieties, and shortening the duration of labour. There is evidence that having reflexology can make a significant difference to the experience of giving birth. 


Post partum, after the birth

Reflexology can be a welcome treatment to receive in the days after giving birth. For some it helps to process and integrate the birth experience, for some a deep rest and relief from anxieties of being a new parent to this baby. It is usually done on the feet, at a 'distance' from the main body and can feel easier and more welcome than closer treatments like massage.

Image by Praveen kumar Mathivanan


1 Hour Reflexology £45

1 1/2 hours of any treatment £65

Two hours of any treatment £80

Treatment length can be extended, and treatments are often mixed and matched eg 45 minutes body massage, 20 minutes head massage and 25 minutes reflexology (total 1 1\2 hours pro rata).

Please consider both your own and my wellbeing with regards to exposure to or symptoms of the Covid virus. I will prepare the space and myself appropriately. I will wear a mask. Please supply your own mask if you wish to wear one. 

"Vibha is amazing at all sorts, but in my experience, her Reflexology is second to none! She is friendly and professional and I would highly recommend her"  Sam (Brighton) 

"Vibha’s approach to reflexology is supportive, trusting and holistic. She has treated the whole of me, which I needed.
She has helped and encouraged me open up to my possibilities.
Truly therapeutic in every sense." SC (Brighton)

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