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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing developed in India over two thousand years ago. The treatment is done clothed, with or without oils, and involves stroking, kneading, and holding on particular points around the head neck and shoulders.

Indian Head Massage can help to...

  • reduce stress and fatigue

  • improve sinus problems

  • release jaw tension

  • help with migraine headaches

  • Increase mental clarity

  • deeply relax and rejuvenate the receiver

  • aid the condition and health of the hair

Treatments can focus on the Indian Head Massage alone or be combined with other techniques as part of an Holistic Massage.

We will always discuss your needs and the appropriate way forward for you before commencing any session.

To book a session, please contact me

"Vibha,s experience and range of skills allow her to work with great flexibility and intuition. I have felt totally safe and this trust has come through in the amazing depths we have reached together through the massage and reflexology treatments. What you are offering is very special- thanks from the bottom of my heart!" DZ

Face Massage


1 Hour Indian Head Massage £45

1 1/2 hours of any treatment £65

Two hours of any treatment £80

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