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Vibha Wellbeing

Hi, I'm Vibha, born and raised in London by my Indian parents, and living in Sussex for over twenty years.

After completing a degree in psychology and working in behavioural psychology, followed by residential social work, I decided to  spend some time travelling. In Thailand I experienced many deep and relaxing treatments so decided to take the training in Thai Yoga Massage at the Institute of Thai Massage. I continued  with further training at the Bodyharmonics centre on return to England gaining the ITEC qualification. 


I continued training further, in Indian Head Massage (Diploma), Reflexology (VAI diploma), and Holistic Massage in order to cover the whole body fully with a range of approaches. 

My original interest in psychology and  1:1 work was reignited when I experienced Parkes Inner Child Therapy. I felt that it gave me a sense of connection to myself and to life, and I went on to train as an Inner Child Therapy practitioner. 

After having children, my interest in supporting birth developed into training and qualifying as a Doula (non medical birth supporter) with Conscious Birthing in 2013. I am a member of Doula UK. See for doula services and birth debrief sessions.

Most recently I have engaged in the ongoing practice of mindfulness and meditation as a teacher (with Breathworks CIC) and offer a range of courses as well as drop-in sessions.

I realise that all my work has been about facilitating our connection with the self as the place from which we thrive, and are best placed to connect with, and serve others. Working with the body and mind offers us a variety of routes to connection. 

Having migrated from London to the coast of East Sussex in 1998, I moved to Lewes in 2012 where I am currently based.

Vibha Donne of Vibha Wellbeing

I believe the body is the vehicle for 'Me', for 'I', experiences and oftentimes stores our thoughts and feelings. We are deeply intertwined, mind, body, consciousness, spirit. Often we forget this or expect that some feelings are reflected in the body, and assume that others are not. Working directly on the physical body is one way to connect with the body in the present moment and with what may be deeply stored. In connection, we feel our self alive. 

Of course, we may not want to be in connection, oftentimes it is uncomfortable. This is true for us all. So we are choosing all the time. How, how much, how often. At different times we may want different routes to coming home to our self.  Mindfulness offers us an empowering route, which we have the choice to access whenever we want.

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