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For further queries and to book a place on any of these courses, please contact me on...

phone: 07988 869 862 


I do not wish to turn anyone away for lack of funds. Please get in touch if you would like a concessionary rate.


Mindfulness Courses with Vibha Donne

Mindfulness is a skill. This is what the ancient teachers of mindfulness tell us and what modern research in psychology has shown. The wonderful thing is that this skill, just like driving or dancing, can be learned and it can stay with you for a lifetime.

Mindfulness gives us the capacity to be calm, open and aware in the present moment, it is non-judgemental and always curious about experience.


Mindfulness stems originally from Buddhist meditation practices that have been developed as secular, evidence-based techniques shown to be effective in improving wellbeing and reducing stress, depression, experience of pain and illness.

The courses are taught in a supportive and friendly group setting. You will learn the foundation skills of mindfulness, compassion, and meditation, and how to apply them in your life in a way that really makes a difference.

Courses can be adapted in length and content.

8-week Mindfulness for Health

Course dates will be available soon. Booking for January 2021



Week 1 The Breathing Body

Week 2 Dwelling in the Body

Week 3 Mindfulness of Moving & Living

Week 4 Acceptance & Self-Compassion

Week 5 The Treasure of Pleasure

Week 6 Finding Equanimity

Week 7 Turning Outwards

Week 8 The Onward Journey

No experience necessary. You may already have taken a similar course and want to revisit the material and practices as the person you are today.

Course fee includes audio resources, online resources and ongoing contact with trainer via email throughout the course.

Participants are asked to engage in regular practice in their own time starting with 10 minute sittings as suggested by the guided audio resource.


8-week Mindfulness for de-Stress 



Week 1 Mindfulness: Learning to choose

Week 2 Coming to your senses

Week 3 Working with thoughts

Week 4 Mindfulness of Breathing

Week 5 Noticing the good things

Week 6 Kindness

Week 7 Connecting with others

Week 8 The rest of your life

Mindfulness for Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenthood 

This course is currently in development

Please contact me if you would like to be included in the pilot at a reduced price. Available to one birther and your birth supporter at £25 per session (allow 1 1/2 hours) over 9 weeks. There will be a recommended book to accompany the course should you wish to purchase. 

One-to-one & bespoke courses

The  8-week courses can also be taken individually or with your partner, friends or colleagues. You may like the more flexible and tailored experience afforded in working this way. 


The cost of an 8-week course, one-to-one, is £425 including materials. Contact me to arrange bespoke courses with more people


"Vibha has delivered her material in a very thoughtful and inclusive way. She is very good at communicating / people skills. Vibha's calm tone and body language really allowed me to fully engage with the course." 

ZW- salesperson

 "I really enjoyed the way Vibha taught the course. I felt she was very natural and had a real sense of her mindful presence & gentleness, which allowed me to feel safe in the group. She was very 'herself' and responsive and has a very calm voice."

KB- Teacher

"Very relieved at the start of the course to discover that Vibha has a clear structure and carefully and gently keeps the sessions on course using group rules that benefit everyone. The leading of meditations was very effective - her voice is very good to listen to. She is very perceptive and shows that she listens to what people say and notices how they respond and reflects this in her response to members of the group." 

SB- counsellor and therapist

"Finally understanding that thoughts happen and that's normal and ok, slowing down and noticing things outside me and within, the power of being in a supportive group, self-kindness."


​“I'm already noticing big changes in myself. Several members of my family and friends have noticed as well, and commented on how much happier I seem. It's amazing, and I feel so much more 'alive'. I'm so glad I came on your course - it's one of the best things I've ever done."


"Vibha has been brilliant. Human. Funny. Explained things well. Focused and persistent in pursuing understanding (I.e making me think and doing it kindly). She has a great voice in the meditations."

SB - Teacher

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