Courses and Drop-In Mindfulness and Meditation

An Eight week Mindfulness for Stress Course

Course dates: Tuesday 21st January 2020 - Tuesday 17th March 2020 (half term break 18th February)

Time:  9.30am - 11.30am

Limited places : Maximum group size 8 people 

No experience necessary.

Course fee: £185

Early Bird Discount: £165 if booked on or before Friday 3rd January 2020

Limited concession places available on request: £145

Course fee includes, all training materials:- comprehensive course manual, course journal, audio resources and ongoing contact with trainer via email throughout the course.

For further information and to book a place book contact me on 079 888 698 62.

“I'm already noticing big changes in myself. Several members of my family and friends have noticed as well, and commented on how much happier I seem. It's amazing, and I feel so much more 'alive'. I'm so glad I came on your course - it's one of the best things I've ever done."

Happiness is a skill. This is what the ancient practice of mindfulness teaches, and what modern psychology research has shown. The wonderful thing is that this skill, just like driving or dancing, can be learned, and it can stay with you for a lifetime.


About the Course

This 8-week course, is taught in a supportive and friendly group setting. It aims to teach you how to boost your happiness and well-being, find new sources of resilience, joy, and calm in your life, and to cope with stress, anxiety, fear, and depression.

You will learn the foundation skills of mindfulness, compassion, and meditation, and how to apply them in your life in a way that really makes a difference.


Who is the course for?

Over the decades the Breathworks for Stress course has been run, thousands of people have been helped; those suffering from stress associated with work, family and relationships, loss, depression, chronic generalised anxiety, social anxiety, and those who simply want to boost their resilience, learn mindfulness and Meditation, or find greater joy and well-being in their lives. It has also been shown to have a positive impact on pain management.

If you think that you have a chance of increasing your quality of life we warmly invite you to attend.



Weekly Drop in Classes

Every Tuesday in Lewes from 7-8pm.

Suitable for most. Serves well for beginners and those familiar with practice.

If you are experiencing very difficult times call me for a chat to see if this session could help. 

Location given once we have spoken to confirm. Easy, free parking.

In the session you will generally be invited to join in with :

Mindful movement if wanted

Sitting practice if wanted

Short sharing if wanted

You do not have to  sit cross legged or chant or pray to any images. This is a secular, non-religious ancient practice for our times.


If you want to join our weekly group, please call me on the details below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Course for Mindfulness for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenthood coming soon

"Very relieved at the start of the course to discover that Vibha has a clear structure and carefully and gently keeps the sessions on course using group rules that benefit everyone. The leading of meditations was very effective - her voice is very good to listen to. She is very perceptive and shows that she listens to what people say and notices how they respond and reflects this in her response to members of the group." 

SB- counsellor and therapist 

"Vibha has delivered her material in a very thoughtful and inclusive way. She is very good at communicating / people skills. Vibha's calm tone and body language really allowed me to fully engage with the course." 

ZW- salesperson

Contact Me 

07988 869 862 

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