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Free guided practice meditations


Mindfulness invites us to pay attention on purpose, as we are, in the present moment, with gentle acceptance. These guided practices can help with mindfulness stress reduction and may be used over and over again.

A 3-minute meditation paying attention to breathing in the body.

A 7-minute meditation bringing awareness to the present moment

A 10-minute meditation opening the heart to present experience.

Bespoke Meditations


These meditations are made just for you. The meditations are available to buy and are yours to keep and listen to as often as you would like.


Contact me to find out more.

Three different tiers with increasing levels of personalisation, integrating mindfulness practices with inner child therapy and neurolinguistic programming.

Tier 1: you will be sent a short questionnaire and your responses will serve to tailor your unique meditation that will be available only to you.
Tier 2: As above, with a more detailed questionnaire for a deeper and richer personal meditation.

Tier 3: A telephone consultation for up to 1 hour to explore and establish your needs, resources and focus at this time in your life, to be woven into a meditation for you to use as an ally, a supportive voice whenever you choose to listen.


Tier 1: £35 up to 20 mins

Tier 2: £75 up to 20 mins

Tier 3: £150 options for different length/s of meditation according to your preferences.

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