Parkes Inner Child Therapy (PICT) is available for anyone wishing to address any emotional problem or

unwanted behaviour. There's nothing like becoming a parent to highlight our own challenges within

ourself, our interacations with our significant others and our place within the world.

As a parent myself I realise that the last thing I want to do is pass on my own limiting beliefs to my

children. I am fully aware that the healthier I am in all ways, the healthier I will be for my children, for

whom I want the very best. 'Perfection' is not what I strive for but I believe I have a responsibility not 

only to feed and house my child, but to bring into consciousness my patterns of relating, to keep the 

loving parts and nourish the others. PICT has supported me in my journey towards becoming a parent

and I continue to use the tools I have learned.  


PICTis a powerful therapy model that can be most easily described as a form of rapid cognitive therapy

with a foundation in Transactional Analysis, incorporating aspects of Neuro-Linguistic programming

(NLP), which can bring about rapid positive change.

The focus of PICT is to empower people by assisting them to resolve past issues (known or unknown)

that have left them with restricting feelings and behaviours.

PICT is available for anyone wishing to address any emotional problem or unwanted behaviour.

The most significant feature of PICT is that it can bring about change compassionately because there is

no need to disclose any details of traumatic events.  PICT produces measurable results and contains

thorough, quick and effective techniques that can lead to lasting change.

I have worked with people in their 70's, couples and many others.

There is always time to live more of who you are.

"I wish I'd found you in my 30's"  Betty (72) "My experience of life is so much bigger now, thank you"  Jane

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