Tenderbirth Doulas

with Marein and Vibha - a team of two doulas

What we would like to do to support you during the birth of your baby is:-

...to enable you to let go of everything other than birthing the way you want to.

...to take care of only yourself and your needs, of your deep and personal journey to motherhood with

this baby.

We offer non-medical and non-judgemental support for you and those you want with you at the birth of

your baby. We will give you information and support you to make your birth choices and

will support the choices you make. We can help you clarify what's important to you which can form your

birth wishes. We together will explore ideas of the support you might like and equally be clear about what

you don't want.

Where there is a partner, our role is to support them to support you, if that is what you both want.

Oftentimes the partner is reluctant to have someone else in the intimate environment of bringing your

baby into the world. Sometimes though having toilet breaks, food and drink, or ideas of how to support 

you is what they need to retain the feeling of you doing it together. Sometimes the support will be 

through encouragement and recognition that your partner is likely to have little idea of what the birthing

muma is going through, and what it can be like to witness that.

Sometimes this will mean adding sessions for physical support, for example lower back massage and

sometimes for emotional exploration for example looking at past birthing experiences in order that

this birth is greeted as it's own experience rather that a response to a previous one. This will emerge

as we meet and get to know each other a little in the meetings before your baby arrives.

No one can guarantee that your baby will be born in the way that you envisage, but we can work

together so that you feel empowered and heard in the choices you make for you, your baby and your birth.

We have attended many births, with a mix of vaginal and caesarean section, births at home, in water, and in

hospital, with teenage mums, single mums, and dad couples, mum couples.

(The most unusual birth was with a woman in labour being delivered to a rural Indian clinic by

horse and cart).

If you are interested in using your placenta we can give you some information and support.

"In the darkness of swelling stomachs there always swim a few million cocoons of brand-new world consciousness. Helpless elves are squeezed out in turn as they become ripe and ready to breathe. As yet they can take no food other than the sweet elfin milk that flows from a pair of soft buds of elf-flesh."

Ana in 'Maya' by Jostein Gaarder

Post Natal Support

We offer post natal support too.  This is about supporting you to parent. We can look after baby if you 

need a nap or a bath, do a little light housework, often it's about sitting together to talk over a cuppa. 

Maybe some breast feeding support and sign-posting to other support services, such as breast

feeding clinics, sling support....

A couple of hours each day, more, less, we work it out.

We have worked with women who have experienced post-partum psychosis after a previous birth, first- time mums and families, and those with other children.

Later on we can teach you and your family baby massage. Sometimes mums set up their own group of 

friends to learn together. An added bonus is sitting in a garden on a summers day massaging the babies together.

If you are looking for  doulas with some experience, give me a call and we can see how we fit.


Our standard doula package is generally 3 approximately 2 hour meetings prior to due date.  Being

on-call from two weeks prior to the due date.  Being with you in labour and birth.  A visit once your

baby has arrived, within the few days that follow.

The extended package generally includes all of the above and three reflexology or massage sessions (of 1

hour) taken prior to and up to two weeks after the birth of your baby, and 10 hours of post-natal care.

A birth only service is also available. This involves a chat/meeting before the EDD and being on call from two weeks prior to the EDD.

This is different to our 'LastMinuteDoula.com' service. We have been called when a muma is already in labour asking if we can offer doula support....! Sometimes we can....

You are Very Welcome  to call with specific requirements.


"Choose Vibha!  She was wonderful as a support and helped me stay focused and calm throughout.   She empowered me tremendously and made me feel like I was more than capable of handling the birth myself through positive affirmations and building my confidence in very subtle ways (that I can't articulate well!)  She was a beautiful presence for me - not imposing / not passive - just right..." EB, Lewes

"Vibha made me feel she would be completely respectful and sensitive to our needs, that she would be supportive but non- intrusive.... I felt safe.  I felt encouraged and emotionally supported as well as physically (accupressure points)  Vibha suggested things with no pressure.  She was completely present and very caring." LR, Hove

"I was uncertain at first about another person, another presence, at such an intensly personal time.   However aslabour progressed it was invaluable to have someone else with us, helping with whatever was needed, both practical and emotional, as my focus and attention became more directed to L. Vibha came to us at incredible short notice, late at night and brought us much relief and support for which I am very grateful." CD, Hove (first time father)

For more information please visit  www.doulauk.org