Reflexology in Pregnancy

Reflexology can support pregnancy as research shows, by creating optimum conditions for pregnancy including

hormone balance, stress relief, being listened to, and asked good questions. (I am trained as a therapist and have coaching and counselling training).

You may get sign posted to other practices or information.

Reflexology supports pregnancy health, labour and on-going well being.

Usually people feel happier to start their sessions after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

People often find it deeply relaxing. I often get asked to use it to encourage the body into labour if due

dates have come and gone. There is research that seems to show significantly shorter first stage in 

labour and better recovery after birth. 

Some women (and sometimes their partners) go on to ask me to be their doula, as we have developed a

relationship which holds a sense of trust and safety, essential for creating a birth experience you want.

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