1 to 1 Mindfulness Courses

The  8 week course can be taken in either a group setting or 1:1.

There are benefits to each way.

If you would like to have a more tailored experience or prefer the privacy of 1:1 this may the way you choose.

You can also create your own group, for example with a partner, friends, colleagues... 

An 8 week 1:1 course is for an hour and a quarter per week at £50 per session.

The cost decreases as the numbers increase.

These sessions afford flexibility as to time and location.

Call me if these are of interest to you.


Mindfulness & Meditation 1:1         £50

Mindfulness 1:1                                 £425 for the 8 week course inc materials (£50/week)

"Vibha has been brilliant. Human. Funny. Explained things well. Focused and persistent in pursuing understanding (I.e making me think and doing it kindly). She has a great voice in the meditations."
SB - teacher

 "I really enjoyed the way Vibha taught the course. I felt she was very natural and had a real sense of her mindful

presence & gentleness, which allowed me to feel safe in the group. She was very 'herself' and responsive and has

a very calm voice."
KB- teacher


"Finally understanding that thoughts happen and that's normal and ok, slowing down and noticing things outside me and within, the power of being in a supportive group, self-kindness."

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